Snigmay Football Club was formed in 2015 at Pune and is promoted by Snigmay India Services Pvt Ltd with a vision to improve standard of sports in India.

Since its inception SFC is focused on developing talent and build a team around home grown talent; to accomplish this, club has invested in its first team and intents to develop U-19, U-17 and U-15 teams soon as a part of their academy program.

We are equally focused in developing fans not just restricted to Pune but across geographies at the same time value our existing fan base, they are our source of motivation that pushes us to improve and deliver better results.

Our war cry- “ONE TEAM ONE DREAM” is a source of inspiration not just for the players but for everyone associated with the club.

Snigmay Football Club is committed to give our fans reasons to feel proud of their association with us always & forever.

Our Logo

Since it’s inception a conscious effort has been made to lay down strong traditions for the club that binds everyone to a single philosophy and reason of attachment. Just like our war cry, our logo also plays a significant role in this endeavour where every aspect of our club logo signifies to something like- Logo colours– Our logo colours(Maroon and Yellow) are derived from the regimental colours of “The Mahar Regiment” one of the most decorated regiments of Indian Army, mainly because of the close association of our founder members with “The Mahar Regiment”. Insignia– The charging cavalry man in our logo in white represents our core value of never giving up & continue the march ahead always under any circumstance; the white colour of our insignia represent peace. Other Aspects: As a new club we’ve set some time based goals for our club & our year of inception mentioned on the logo will help us stay aligned to these goals in the initial years & later will help us work harder towards maintaining & excelling on the history and traditions set by the club over a period of time.

Snigmay India Services Pvt Ltd

Snigmay India Services Pvt Ltd is the parent company behind Snigmay Football Club that has a very clear vision for the club of promoting and improving the standard of football in Pune and be able to produce players at national and international level in future. The company is committed to invest in developing a youth team as well as a training system that helps build a professionally managed academy capable of producing home grown talent for the youth and senior team who can excel at national and international stages. The company has a very clear roadmap towards developing the Club into a major powerhouse within a limited time-frame, with clear focus on developing both- THE TEAM & THE FAN BASE, with both these going parallel to each other Snigmay intends to build a connect between its players, members and fans and ensure we are associated to our war cry- “ONE TEAM ONE DREAM”